Dear Park’s Edge Preschool Families: 

‘Back to School’ has a whole new meaning this year…virtual or in person? This time of year, we are usually welcoming new families and sadly saying good-bye to our departing families…however this September things are a little different for all of us due to COVID-19. Park’s Edge Preschool is prepared for both bussing children back to school and virtual learning too. PEP recently upgraded our wireless capacity for virtual learning and higher internet security measures have been put into place. Children/ families will be supported however their school district chooses to educate children this year. The PEP staff is prepared to nurture and support children and families through this unusual time in history. As my wise 85-year-old Mother often reminds me, ‘this too shall pass’. 

May is the usual time of year that we hold the Park’s Edge Preschool Graduation, however, with COVID-19 this year we postponed it to August 13th. The ceremony was safely held following CDC guidelines in Emanuel Church’s Sanctuary for preschool children attending 5-year-old kindergarten in fall. Seventeen students crossed over the bridge from preschool to elementary school. Afterwards, Granny’s Treats was served outdoors for a safe family celebration and mask-free, social distancing. Everyone was treated to an individually wrapped, ice cream treat, of their choice. What a happy and memorable occasion for all to appreciate and cherish. Congratulations! 

COVID-19 has changed things this summer but did not take the fun out of PEP’s programming for children. Our main goal this summer was to keep children and families safe. All fieldtrips this summer were held ‘on-site’ , and considered safe, educational, economical and above all, fun: A Martial Arts demonstration; lunch from McDonald’s; a musician and entertainer named Mr. Pickles; and David Stokes, with a menagerie of real live animals were a few of the summer highlights. When the mask mandate came through for children 5 years old and older, we gave teachers more flexibility in holding class outdoors, that also included several picnics in our own backyard. We are sad to see summer end, but will cherish the many happy memories made at PEP the summer of 2020 

This has been an exceptional year for decision making for the Park’s Edge Preschool board of directors. A ‘thank you’ and virtual hug goes to all of the 2020 PEP Board of Directors which is made up of Emanuel Church members and Park’s Edge Preschool parents with skill sets that supports the mission of Park’s Edge Preschool: Jennifer Hastings-Meinholdt*, President; Marcia Goecks, Vice President; Matthew Egan*, Treasurer; Rhonda Perry*, Secretary; Adam Johnson*, IT & PEP Building & Grounds; Kim Kozlik*, HR; Brianna Schroeder, Education; Pastor Dale Stohre, Christian Component; and Christine Van Hulle, HR. (The asterisk highlights PEP parents.) The PEP Board meets monthly, either through conference call or in person on-site. and I thank each board member for their time, talent, and commitment to Park’s Edge Preschool. If you are curious about the Park’s Edge Preschool board happenings or want to know more about PEP, just ask…thank you! 

Park’s Edge Preschool’s Annual Open House is scheduled for Thursday, September 10th from 6 to 7 pm. The PEP staff is enthusiastic about the upcoming school year…and this year is no exception. However, to do this safely we are having families’ sign-up for a scheduled time frame to allow for safe social distancing. Granny’s Treats is scheduled to make an appearance too for an opportunity to safely socialize, ‘mask free’, while eating an individually wrapped ice cream treat from a variety of choices. What a ‘cool’ way to say ‘welcome’ to our families at Park’s Edge Preschool this year! An invitation will be in your family’s mailbox soon…watch for it! 

Our school bus will be back on the road soon so please drive slowly and watch for children when entering and leaving our premise. Have a happy and safe school year! Thank you! 


Ellen M. Kvalheim, Director