Dear Park’s Edge Preschool Families: 

Can August really be here already? I love ‘sweet’ summer at PEP…Thursday is the day to be at PEP during the summer…‘Granny’s Treats’ returns to PEP every Thursday with ice cream for everyone over 1-years-old. Granny’s Treats has been serving ice cream to PEP’s children since 2008. If you live in Franklin, you may have sighted the ice cream truck there. Speaking of ‘cool’ treats…Pastor Bill blessed the children’s bikes on Thursday, July 2nd. PEP children, preschool and up, brought their wheeled toys to be blessed for a life-time of safe travels and adventure. Thank you Pastor Bill! 

Park’s Edge Preschool has welcomed 2 new teachers to our infant/toddler floor. Ms. Speshial has joined Ms. Julie in the Beautiful Butterfly Room (infant 2) to support little ones’ changing development every day. Ms. Gina will be working with Emily and the 2-year-olds, appropriately named the Busy Bee Room. We recently recognized each of our PEP staff members for their dedicated work ethic in contributing to the Top Choice Award for best daycare facility. Each staff member received a $25.00 Scrip gift cards of their choice purchased through Emanuel Church. PEP staff are essential workers…they are the vitality of Park’s Edge Preschool. ‘Meet the PEP Staff- Summer 2020’ will feature all the PEP staff biographies; in your family mailbox by Friday, August 7th. Park’s Edge Preschool staff is essential 

Speaking of essential staff at PEP… As you know, child-care is an essential part of the infrastructure that supports our society. I reported to you in last month’s ECHO that Park’s Edge Preschool received State of Emergency Funding through DCF to pay ‘incentive pay’ to staff for the first period March to April. I am happy to report that PEP received Department of Children and Families Emergency Funding Incentive Pay for the following two periods designated from April to May; and May to June. PEP staff that worked during the ‘stay at home’ mandate in caring for essential workers children during the health care crisis will receive the incentive pay awarded. The emergency incentive pay is correlated with the specific hours each employee worked during the pandemic mandate. Park’s Edge Preschool staff takes their responsibility seriously in continual service to the public with consistent 5-star quality rated child-care. It is an honor to serve with such a dedicated group of teachers/serving leaders…they are humble heroes! 

To mask or not to mask at Park’s Edge Preschool…presently we have asked parents, vendors and visitors to mask. However, it is difficult to mask early childhood teaching staff that is building trust and confidence with infants and toddlers with the universal language of ‘the smile’. Teaching staff use facial expressions to direct behavior; develop trust and security; teach language to early childhood children; and spend 90 minutes a day outdoors. PEP recently mandated all parents wear a mask, but we failed to recognize and support those that cannot for the following reasons: Due to medical condition, mental health condition, developmental disability, or otherwise covered under the American Disabilities Act; Persons with upper respiratory chronic conditions, silent or invisible disabilities; Whenever federal, state, or local law otherwise prohibit wearing a face mask or where it is necessary to evaluate or verify an individual’s identity; persons whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a face covering. We are open and affirming to mask and/or not and want to support all families who enter Park’s Edge Preschool. This fluid situation may be mandated, but consideration is heeded at this controversial time. 

Usually summer starts right after PEP’s Preschool Graduation…but everything has changed in 2020, including PEP’s Preschool Graduation, now scheduled for the closing of summer. Thursday, August 13th at 7pm is one of the few, milestone events to be held this year. Park’s Edge Preschool’s children entering 5-year-old kindergarten in fall will symbolically cross over the bridge from preschool to elementary school. An invitation will be sent to those families with children participating with details of PEP’s safe preschool graduation ceremony this year. Please pray for these children/families to safely attend school and stay healthy! Thank you. 

We appreciate our Park’s Edge Preschool families for supporting us these past few months. Thank you for choosing Park’s Edge Preschool for your children’s summer vacation this year their ‘home away from home’…especially during turbulent times like these! 


Ellen M. Kvalheim, Director