Dear Park’s Edge Preschool Families: 

April showered Park’s Edge Preschool with Easter eggs, Easter activities, and the Easter Bunny at PEP’s Annual Spring Fling, on Thursday, April 7, from 5 to 7 pm. Everyone was ‘eggs’cited to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Mr. Easter Bunny also came back to visit PEP on Good Friday, April 15th, hiding Easter Eggs on the playground(s) so children could hunt for them during outdoor playtime. Please check out the photos in the front entrance area of Park’s Edge Preschool. PEP loves our special Easter Bunny aka Mr. Cody! 

Park’s Edge Preschool honored parents, staff, and young children by celebrating the national ‘Week of the Young Child,’ WOYC, April 3-9. The WOYC serves as a time to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that every child experiences the type of environment that promotes learning…at home, school, and in the community. I am glad our parents and staff were treated special throughout the week with a variety of gifts and goodies in celebration of early childhood. WOYC gives us an opportunity to celebrate early childhood with the children and families we serve. Thank you for choosing Park’s Edge Preschool for your child’s early childhood experience! 

Speaking of 5-star rated quality…teaching staff teams from each classroom received a $500 gift certificate from PEP. The gift certificate is for them to be able to purchase classroom materials and educational toys of their choice that are age-appropriate for the children in their classroom. Please watch for new educational items in use.

Thursday, May 5th is PEP’s Parent-Teacher Conference Night from 5:30-7 pm. We invite you to come and discuss your child’s developmental progress with their teacher(s). You will have the opportunity to look at your child’s portfolio and their individual progress documented on the Portage assessment tool. Please be sure to sign-up for a time to meet with your child’s teacher next week. Conference sign-up sheets are in the classroom. Thank you. 

Park’s Edge Preschool has an amazing and safe summer planned for 2022. PEP’s summer program calendars are now available with all planned field trips and special events. The summer program starts on Monday, June 13. There is a flat fee of $100 collected for the summer programming that will be collected on Friday, June 10th. If you did not receive a summer calendar packet for your child, ages 4 years old and older, please let us know. We have already received many summer enrollment survey responses, they point to another active and fun-filled summer. The summer enrollment survey was to be completed and returned by Friday, April 29. If you haven’t turned in the enrollment survey yet, please do, we want to accommodate as many summer enrollment requests as possible.

Park’s Edge Preschool has planned an exciting celebration for PEP moth-ers and grandmothers… they are all invited for breakfast on Friday, May 6th, open from 7 to 8 am, and are invited for breakfast with their child. The breakfast will be served in Kurth Hall from 7 to 8 am and includes French toast sticks, sausage, donuts, fresh fruit, coffee, juice, and milk. Please watch your family mailbox for breakfast details and RSVP at PEP’s front desk. We wish you and the many women in your child’s life a Happy Mother’s Day. May God bless all women that nurture children and fur babies 

Thursday, May 26th, we celebrate another milestone at Park’s Edge Preschool. The 2022 Preschool Graduation Ceremony is planned for preschoolers entering 5K in fall 2022. This is an exciting event for staff and parents, who have nurtured and encouraged these children from infancy on. A family invitation will be specially mailed to your household. Congratulations to PEP’s 2022 preschool graduates and their families! Congratulations to all preschool, high school, and college graduates of 2022…we are proud of you! 

PEP is closed Monday, May 30th in honor of the Memorial Day Holiday. Regular tuition charges are applied. Thank you to all those brave men, women, veterans, and their loved ones in serving our country. Please have a safe, happy, and memorable Memorial Day Weekend.


Ellen M. Kvalheim, Director