Dear Park’s Edge Preschool Families:

‘Seeing red’ at Park’s Edge Preschool was last month’s theme in honor of St. Valentine’s Day. The children were kept busy with valentine’s activities and exchanging valentines with their classmates. The Park’s Edge Preschool’s St. Valentine’s Parade was held at 10 am in Emanuel Church’s beautiful sanctuary where you can hear God’s special message of love every week at the 9:30 am worship service. Children paraded in pink, red, purple, and/or hearts wearing hand-made valentine hats and carrying streamers. The special valentine’s day celebration included ‘heart healthy’ snacks and exchanging valentines with special friends too. I hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with surprises, love, and valentines

Speaking of Emanuel Church’s beautiful sanctuary, we are pleased to announce the new Pastor Joshua Simon started February 6th and is speaking here every Sunday at 9:30 am. Pastor Joshua is looking forward to getting to know/serve the Park’s Edge Preschool families as well as Emanuel Church members. He is excited to be back in his home state of Wisconsin after serving 5 years as an Associate Pastor in Vermont. He grew up in rural Seymour, WI but is an alumnus of UW-Milwaukee and has many friends in the area. PEP families will have an opportunity to meet Pastor Joshua, Emanuel Church’s new serving leader during the Week of the Young Child celebration in April

‘Together through Mountains and Valleys’ is the theme this year for CHHSM’s 85th Annual Gathering held in Denver, Colorado, from March 7 through March 9. CHHSM is the acronym for the United Church of Christ, national organization, Council for Health, and Human Service Ministries. Park’s Edge Preschool has been an active member of CHHSM since 1999. CHHSM offers many opportunities to connect with other health and human service professionals and resources. Jenele and I had the privilege to study Servant Leadership through the Nollau Institute of CHHSM. Due to limited staffing neither of us can attend the annual meeting this year but we are there in spirit!

Speaking of staffing shortages…the PEP board has voted to allow staff to head to Madison via the PEP bus to advocate for themselves and their profession on Wednesday, April 5. Therefore, all of PEP’s childcare services will be canceled with no charge to you that day.

Our dedicated staff has been able to make it to work on every inclement weather day in support of your family. Please support our staff in this endeavor. Childcare workers from across the state will be going to Madison that day to make it clear that child caregivers are essential to the economics of this state/country and need continuous supplemental funding for the well-being of children in early childhood programs and to further support working families and the economy. Employees/ employers depend on quality childcare. Childcare workers need co-workers and a living wage they can rely on to provide quality childcare. I appreciate your support and welcome you to join us by signing the petition I will have at the front desk for families or submitting your letter. Most important is that children learn how to care from their caregiving teachers. For more information on what you can do to support caregivers/ teachers, please visit Thank you for your consideration and dedication to young children!

We’re lucky to be at Park’s Edge Preschool/Emanuel Church… this month we’ll be seeing green! March is shamrock season at Park’s Edge Preschool. Park’s Edge Preschool sponsors a St. Patty’s Day Parade here at Emanuel Church. You and your leprechauns are welcome to dress in green and come join the fun—Parade Time: 10 am on Friday, March 17th. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

In just a few weeks ‘spring fever’ will be here. The PEP staff is already planning for our action-packed summer program and will have it ready during spring break scheduled for March 27-31. All age groups, including the staff, are going to have a super summer.


Ellen M. Kvalheim