Dear Park’s Edge Preschool Families:

Spring has sprung at Park’s Edge Preschool!! April 2023 brings many good things to PEP…We will kick off the month with staff taking a trip to Madison via the PEP bus to advocate for their profession, businesses, and the families we serve, on Wednesday, April 5. All of PEP’s childcare services will be canceled with no charge to families for the day. Our dedicated staff have been able to make it to work on every inclement weather day and through a pandemic in support of working families

We appreciate our PEP families in supporting our staff in this endeavor to join childcare workers from across the state going to Madison to make it clear that we are essential to the economics of this state/ country. Childcare programs need continuous supplemental funding for the well-being of children in early childhood programs and the economy. Employees/ employers depend on quality childcare for our future society. Childcare workers need a living wage they can rely on. Even though PEP staff make a worthy living and have an excellent benefits package we are advocating for continual funding to ensure continual quality childcare available to all families. The staff is excited to have this opportunity to advocate for themselves towards change…Children are the future is more than a catchphrase. Today we are caring/ working for those who will be caring/working in the future. Quality care cannot wait!

Spring brings change to Park’s Edge Preschool…time change; weather change; and some staff changes to Park’s Edge Preschool. We are excited to announce Ms. Jennifer has joined Ms. Sandra with the Fantastic Frogs and Ms. Kasey has taken a float position on our infant-toddler floor. Watch for other new staff coming on board in May…and stay tuned. Thank you to the families that made childcare arrangements for their children so we could allow more than one staff member to have Requested Time Off with their family during that week. We look forward to May and three new staff

PEP has been fortunate to recruit talented and flexible staff, committed to the quality of our program and children of all age groups but we are yet looking for one or two more qualified and dedicated early childhood teachers to join the PEP team. PEP offers an excellent benefits package and compensation. If you know someone that may be interested in an early childhood teaching position at Park’s Edge, please send them our way. Thank you! Park’s Edge Preschool’s 2023 Summer Packets for children ages 4 years old and older, will be available Friday, April 7th. All families will receive a 2023 Summer Enrollment Survey. Please complete the survey and return it to the front desk by Friday, April 28. We are looking forward to an exciting summer in the works.

An Easter Egg Hunt is on Friday, April 7th. The Easter Bunny will be hiding fun-filled plastic eggs for the preschool children way yonder in the backfield. Toddlers through age 2 years old will find their Easter Eggs on the playground attached to the building. Each group will look for ‘their’ eggs during their classroom’s regularly scheduled time outdoors. The Easter Bunny will make a surprise visit that day to each group. Watch for photos!

Pastor Joshua Simon is excited about reading stories to our preschoolers monthly. He is scheduled to read to the Sunshine Room, Fantastic Frogs, and Shining Stars on March 23, April 12, and May 11. He will be joining us for the PEP Preschool Graduation on May 25 by opening the ceremony with a prayer for the preschoolers entering 5-k in the fall, and their families. You are also welcome to come and listen to Pastor Joshua’s Easter Sunday sermon on Sunday, April 9 at 9:30 am. I am wishing everyone a Happy Easter!


Ellen M. Kvalheim