The WOYC serves as an opportunity for staff to recommit to PEP’s 5 Core Values-1. Children First; 2. Professionalism; 3. Teamwork; 4. Positivity; and 5. Commitment. We know that families are the strongest influence on young children. When early childhood educators’ partner with families, children do much better socially, emotionally, physically, and mentally! Thank you for entrusting your child with us! 

Monday, April 8: Each classroom is creating a unique WOYC banner in celebration of the week. The children/staff will prepare the banners for the WOYC parade*. This year’s subthemes for individual classroom banners are ‘Children Learn through Play’; ‘Sing, Dance, Celebrate and Learn’; ‘Sharing Family Stories’; ‘Healthy Eating and Fitness at Home and School’; ‘Together We Can Make A Difference’; ‘Work Together, Build Together, Learn Together’; ‘Think, Problem Solve, and Create’; ‘Recess Time=Time for Action’; and ‘You are an Advocate for All Children!’ 

Tuesday, April 9 & Wednesday, April 10: “PEP’s WOYC Parent Appreciation Days” Celebrate your special day—because without parents there would not be children to celebrate! Teachers will help children prepare a ‘special gift’ for parents to take home and keep. ‘Brunch-to-go’ will be served to the PEP parents that are in attendance. We appreciate PEP parent/super-heroes! 

Wednesday, April 10: “PEP’s Board Member Appreciation Day” PEP board members will be invited in to participate in PEP’s Annual WOYC Parade and join us for snack or lunchtime at PEP. Special ‘thank you’ cards from PEP staff and children will be sent to let them know how much we genuinely appreciate our dedicated board members. Thank you to 2024 PEP Board of Directors: President-Stephanie Ziebell; Vice President-Caitlin Merkel; Treasurer-Jessica Semrow; Secretary-Megan Skaggs: Directors-Mike Deml, Andy Ackmann, and Mary Pelkofer. Thank you PEP board members for volunteering to focus on the high-level strategy, oversight, and accountability of the organization. The WOYC gives us an opportunity to thank them for their time, talent, and commitment to the families, children, and staff of Park’s Edge Preschool😊 

Wednesday, April 10: The *WOYC Parade Celebration’ is scheduled at 10 am. All age groups will parade around the grounds in celebration of this ‘special week’. Each classroom will display their classrooms unique WOYC banner. Parents, grandparents, and siblings too are welcome to come join the parade or watch the children’s celebration. In the event of inclement weather, the parade will be held in Emanuel Church’s beautiful sanctuary. We hope you can come because we are celebrating all those who have a positive impact on early childhood. Thank you! 

Thursday, April 11: “PEP’s Teacher Appreciation Day” at PEP. Parents can help make their child’s teacher feel special by sending a ‘thank you’ note or something special for PEP’s special staff. The personalized cards, gifts, and letters will be delivered to the individual teachers on their special day, or your child can deliver it to them. Thank you! 

Thursday, April 11: A Pajama/Movie Day has been scheduled for PEP’s Teacher Appreciation Day. Special treats will be sprinkled on the PEP staff and the little ones throughout the day. The WOYC should be a memorable experience for all ages. Pajama/Movie Day is always memorable! 

Friday, April 12: Celebrating Ms. Ellen’s retirement with a Sock Hop from 5 to 7pm. What better way to wrap up the WOYC and Ms. Ellen’s 45-year career dedicated to early childhood; twenty of those years directing at PEP! Children (and staff) dress up for a sock-hop! Families are encouraged to join us for music, food, and shared memories. Sock-hop attire is encouraged😊 Thank you!