Dear Park’s Edge Preschool Families: 

April showered Park’s Edge Preschool with Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny, and the Week of the Young Child… Everyone was excited to see the Easter Bunny visit on Good Friday, April 2nd. Good Friday went from good to great with the special visitor Mr. Easter Bunny! Please check out the photos in the front entrance area of Park’s Edge Preschool. May is bringing PEP parent-teacher conferences (watch for details), preschool graduation, and summer planning! 

Park’s Edge Preschool has an amazing and safe summer planned for 2021. PEP’s summer program packets are available. Already, the returned enrollment surveys point to another active and fun-filled summer. If you have not turned your enrollment survey in yet, please do ASAP!

The Park’s Edge Preschool parents, board members, staff, and young children were honored in celebration of the national ‘Week of the Young Child’ April 12-16. The WOYC serves as a time to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that every child experiences the type of environment that promotes learning…at home, school, and in the community. Parents and staff were treated throughout the week with a variety of gifts and goodies. Thank you to the many parents and children that reciprocated and treated staff to goodies, gifts, and food. Thank you, to Emanuel Church for supporting PEP’s mission…’to provide an outstanding Christian environment that focuses on the development of each individual child: spiritually, morally, physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.

We hope you enjoyed the 2021 WOYC Celebration gift to all PEP families…PEP’s Talent Show-To-Go! Due to COVID we are still limited to having large groups come together in the Sanctuary as we have in the past. To keep everyone safe, the PEP Talent Show was recorded and made ‘to-go’ on a zip drive for every family. If you didn’t receive one, please let the office know so we can get you one too. The only thing missing from the talent show was the teachers’ tap dancing as they have in the past. 

The ProCare Digital Communication system for families was rolled out during the WOYC on Thursday, April 15. Most parents received an invitation through their email to download the app for communications about their child throughout the day. It has been a success for both staff and families. One of the many features is the ability to send photos of the child to their parents during the day (as time allows). Parents are reporting they love that! We need a current email address to keep you informed. Please let the office staff know if you have not received the invitation to download the app. Thank you!

The WOYC gives reason to honor all those involved with children! The WOYC Celebration includes a special ‘Teacher Appreciation Luncheon’. This year the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon was served the following week on Friday, April 23rd before the ‘Nollau to You Too’ staff training. ‘Thank you’ shout out to Kate Egan, a PEP parent, and wife of Matt Egan, PEP Board Treasurer, for ordering and picking up the entire meal for 25 hungry staff members from Qdoba. ‘Thank you’ also goes to Emanuel Church’s ‘Good News Group’ for making special preparations for the staff’s annual celebration in co-sponsoring this annual event with PEP…feeding mind, spirit, and soul too! Please read more about the ‘Nollau To You Too’ under the NAC Nook heading.

Thursday, May 27th, we celebrate another milestone at Park’s Edge Preschool. The 2021 Preschool Graduation Ceremony is planned for preschoolers entering 5K in fall 2021. This is an exciting event for staff and parents, who have nurtured and encouraged these children from infancy on. A special invitation will go out to the preschool graduates with the graduation ceremony details. Congratulations to PEP’s 2021 preschool graduates and their families! Congratulations to all 2021 graduates…you made it through some unusual circumstances!

Happy Mother’s Day to the PEP mothers and grandmothers that nurture children and/or pets. You are special in your loved one’s eyes and God’s eyes too. Friday, May 7th something special awaits moms at PEP. Thank you for all you do for your children and PEP! If it were not for mothers’, we would not be here 


Ellen M. Kvalheim, Director