Dear Park’s Edge Preschool Families, 

February is a special time of year with “Love and Friendship” as this season’s theme. It’s a very special time of year for everyone to celebrate love and friendship…and Lord knows we need to spread more love, friendship, and joy in the world during a pandemic. Park’s Edge Preschool children are busy making valentines for exchanging with their peers and other friends we have met along the way… the residents at Hales Corners Care Center, Forest Ridge Senior Community, and the veterans at the Zablocki VA Medical Center. A special valentine can melt someone’s heart in an instant in letting them know they are loved. Jesus’ most important message is ‘to love thy neighbor, as thyself’.

Special activities are planned in each classroom throughout the week of February 14-18. A special insert with all the valentine details is in today’s newsletter. The entire center will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Monday, February 14th with a Valentine’s Day Parade at 10 am in the Sanctuary. Parents with masks are welcome to come watch. Heart-healthy snacks will be prepared for a healthy Valentine’s Day celebration for all to enjoy!

Speaking of heart-healthy…February is the time for healthy teeth too! Did you know February is National Dental Health Month? Yes, PEP is promoting future happy smiles at Park’s Edge Preschool all month long! The children will be learning about proper dental hygiene and good nutrition for strong healthy teeth and beautiful smiles for a lifetime. Mr. Rick Allen’s ‘Awesome Teeth’ Magic Show is coming to PEP to help promote healthy hygiene to the preschoolers on February 28 at 10 am. Who knew there was a magic formula for children to care for their awesome teeth? Watch for details in your mailbox.

Friday, February 25, and Saturday, February 26, 2022, Park’s Edge Preschool has a special guest speaker presenting a 2-day workshop on Workplace Culture. Jenni Catron, author of the 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership; the Power of Leading from Your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength will be leading a small group of PEP Board members and PEP staff in the customized training. Jenni Catron is a national speaker and leadership coach that consults with churches and non-profits in developing leadership gifts, organizational health, and team leadership goals. We are excited to have this 2-day workshop and look forward to learning more about God’s influence on leadership and workplace culture. Park’s Edge Preschool will be closing at noon on Friday, February 25 to support this valuable staff training. Children will be fed lunch and dismissed by noon. Thank you. 

PEP is a member of the UCC’s Council for Health and Human Service Ministries, (CHHSM) which serves diverse populations ranging from early childhood programs to senior living communities. CHHSM’s Annual Meeting 2022 will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, March 8-10. CHHSM reminds us to love and serve one another, reinforcing Jesus’ message demonstrating servant leadership. We are blessed to be able to demonstrate our ‘love for one another’ here at Park’s Edge Preschool/Emanuel Church with the children and families we care for. I am praying you and your family has a Valentine’s Day filled with God’s love, peace, and joy!


Ellen M. Kvalheim