Dear Park’s Edge Preschool Families: 

November was a time for reflection, evaluation, and thankfulness. I hope your family had a safe, healthy Thanksgiving weekend at home with loved ones. Park’s Edge Preschool has a lot to be thankful for this year…especially our NAC Accreditation which was validated in October. In case you have not heard yet, PEP’s Validation Visit was deemed ‘successful’ and is extended until October 27, 2024. Park’s Edge Preschool has been NAC Accredited since February 26, 2010 and holds a 5-star highest quality-rating through YoungStar, since July 2011, when the State of Wisconsin implemented this rating system was implemented. Congratulations!! 

Quality child-care is essential to the infrastructure of our society…especially during a pandemic! Each essential worker (teachers) of Park’s Edge Preschool received a complete turkey dinner for their family in saying ‘thank you’ to them this year. We are thankful for every PEP staff member…they are truly essential to Park’s Edge Preschool! 

Speaking of reflection and thankfulness, November 1st, I celebrated my 16-year anniversary as Park’s Edge Preschool’s Director. Gee, time sure flies while I am having fun serving/working at Park’s Edge Preschool! My Thanksgiving prayer this year… “Dear God, thank you for giving me good health and happiness in serving You. Thank You God, for giving me the opportunity to embrace so many lives at Park’s Edge Preschool…especially during a pandemic. Please Dear God, keep those families safe and healthy. Amen.” 

Who was not fatigued and frazzled this year? Wednesday, November 18th, eighty-eight ‘frazzled’ Park’s Edge Preschool families were blessed to have Emanuel Church’s Good News Group serve a safe and delicious meal-to-go. The menu consisted of heartwarming home-made chili, Hawaiian rolls, apples, and individual, commercially prepared cookies. Prayers and conversation cards completed every order. Three-hundred-and-forty-four single servings, of delicious chili, warmed little bellies that night. Park’s Edge Preschool families truly appreciated the generosity and thoughtfulness extended to their families, especially during a pandemic. Thanks again, to the “Good News Group’ of Emanuel Church and a special ‘thank you shout out’ to the volunteers who made it look easy and fun…Jeff Johnson, Jayne Larsen, Karin McElrone and Kristin Burr! 

Celebrating the Christmas season is always a special treat at Park’s Edge Preschool…except this year is going to be a bit quieter. Park’s Edge Preschool All-Center Christmas Party for our families has been adjusted to a Christmas ‘make and take’ activity pack to be sent home the week of December 14th. This annual holiday tradition of past years is Park’s Edge Preschool’s Christmas Holiday Open House, featuring Christmas activities in every classroom. A special visitor…Santa Claus…is photographed with every family too. Health and safety are our main focus this year, so we are having Santa Claus mask up and make an unannounced surprise visit during the day to keep all families safe and healthy and ‘at home’! We will have to be safe and wait to see you next year! 

Jesus’ Birthday Celebration at PEP will be transitioned to a zip drive to ‘take home’ and share at home safely with loved ones. The plans are already underway for Park’s Edge Preschool’s Children’s Christmas Program Play about Jesus’ birth; dramatized by the school age children. Each classroom will contribute too by singing a Christmas Carol to support/celebrate the Christmas Story. Pastor Bill will share a Children’s time ‘Christmas story’ like he too. Emanuel Church members are welcome to receive a copy of our annual tradition celebrating Jesus’ Birthday. Let us know you would like to order one by calling Park’s Edge Preschool at (414)427-9561. Celebrate Jesus’ Birth through PEP this year and cherish the Christmas season by making new virtual memories with your loved ones! 

Merry Christmas! Ellen Kvalheim, Director