Dear Park’s Edge Preschool Families,

November was a time of reflection, evaluation, and thankfulness…Thanks’ goes to the ‘Good News Group’ of Emanuel Church and Emanuel Church for Frazzled Family Dinner for frazzled families. The Frazzled Family Lasagna-to-go Dinner was a huge success! Wednesday, November 13th 111 ‘frazzled’ families were blessed to have Emanuel Church’s Good News Group serve a delicious meal to go. One of PEP’s parents reported to me their three-year-old child exclaimed: “That was special to me!”…that’s the intention behind the Annual Frazzled Family dinner… supporting family mealtime! Over 417 servings were prepared in Emanuel Church’s beautiful kitchen on the Tuesday night prior to the Frazzled Family Dinner by a team of talented chefs. You outdid yourselves this year! Thank you!

Thursday, November 21st many families attended PEP’s Bi-annual Parent-Teacher Conference Night. Teachers and parents were excited to meet and discuss the growth and development of their child(ren). Parents appreciate the opportunity to view documentation recorded in the child’s individual portfolio and the Portage Assessment Tool that maps the child’s individual progress. PEP supports the foundation for successful life-long learning in teaming with parents to foster the child’s healthy development to reach their full potential. Thank you for coming.

Staff Celebrations…Best Wishes to Mr. Cody, PEP’s beloved bus driver, been at PEP since preschool, married Taylor on Saturday, November 2nd and honeymooned in Tennessee. I am happy to say that I celebrated my 15-year anniversary at PEP on November 1st. Ms. Michele, one of our dedicated teachers in the Fantastic Frogs Classroom, celebrated a twenty-year anniversary at PEP on Friday, November 8…early childhood has come a long way since 1999! The staff and I were delighted to pull off a surprise celebration on Thursday, November 7th. Congrats!

December is a time of celebration…Celebrating the Christmas season is always a special treat at Park’s Edge Preschool. Park’s Edge Preschool has an All-Center Christmas Party for all of our families. All families, including siblings and grandparents, are welcome to come and celebrate with us on Thursday, December 5th from 6:30-8 pm. This annual holiday event is similar to Park’s Edge Preschool’s Open House featuring Christmas holiday activities in every classroom and a special visitor…Santa Claus! Yes…cookies and milk ‘rounds’ out the evening!

Jesus’ Birthday Celebration at PEP! It’s the time of year for giving and receiving at Park’s Edge Preschool, so gift yourself and join us for a festive celebration of Jesus’ birth. Park’s Edge Preschool’s children are planning a Christmas Play about Jesus’ birth and singing Christmas Carols to celebrate Christmas. Pastor Bill will share a Children’s Time Christmas story too. All are invited into Emanuel Church’s beautifully decorated Sanctuary for the program and birthday cake and ice cream served in Kurth Hall. Jesus’ birthday party wouldn’t be complete without birthday presents. A gift-wrapped box for non-perishable food items will be at the entrance doors. Donated food will be picked up by the Hunger Task Force. All family members, including siblings and grandparents, are invited to our annual tradition celebrating Jesus’ Birthday on Thursday, December 12th from 4:15-5:15 pm. Come celebrate Jesus and the reason for the season at Park’s Edge Preschool…cherish the Christmas season and make new memories with your loved ones! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Speaking of Celebrations…the infant/toddler classrooms will be celebrating new classroom flooring after the holidays! I am happy to announce that the week of Christmas, December 23rd through December 27th, the infant/toddler classrooms will be closed for the installation of the new floor (the same floor as in the entrance). The closing is necessary for aligning the installation with Emanuel Church’s holiday schedule. Details of the temporary closing will go out on a formal letter the week of December 2nd. It will be attached to your infant and/or toddler’s daily report. The lower level classrooms serving preschool and school-age groups will be open for business as usual, except for Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24th and Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25th. Unfortunately, state law prohibits us from caring for children under the age of 2 on the lower level. If you have any questions please see office staff. Thank you! This project will complete all of the building updates for 2019. It has been quite a year. Speaking of New Year PEP is open until 3 pm on Tuesday, December 31st, New Year’s Eve. PEP is closed on Wednesday, January 1, 2020, New Year’s Day.

Have a Happy New Year!

Ellen Kvalheim, Director