Dear Park’s Edge Preschool Families:

“Thank you” was heard from every ‘frazzled parent’, with an excitement in their voice as each family exited Emanuel Church; clutching a yummy meal that consisted of pasta with spaghetti sauce, garlic bread, salad, apples, and yummy cookies decorated by PEP children with tender loving care. Prayers and conversation cards were included in every order.Food is love…and we love Emanuel Church’s outreach to PEP’s frazzled families!

The Frazzled Family Dinner was a huge success! Wednesday, November 14thover one hundred ‘frazzled’ families were blessed to have Emanuel Church’s Good News Group serve a delicious meal to go. I am sure anyone can identify with the frazzled mom that said, “I am so frazzled I forgot tonight is the ‘Frazzled Family Dinner’!Thank you!” The outreach intention behind the Frazzled Family Dinner is to support families to find time to have a meal with loved ones. Ninety-five meals were prepared in Emanuel Church’s beautiful kitchen on Tuesday night prior to the Frazzled Family Dinner by a team of talented chefs: Marie Hoven, Jeff Johnson, Lisa Irwin, Kristin Burr (PEP’s Assistant Director), and son, Tyler Burr, Jacoba Johnson, Andrew Van Hulle, Carl and Kim Klotzbach. Special thanks to the team that passed the meals out on Wednesday evening; Pastor Bill, Ken and Bonnie Gleesing, Jeff Johnson, Lisa Irwin, Karin McElrone and Kristin Burr…thank you! Thanks team! You did it!November is a time of reflection, evaluation and thankfulness…and I want to personally take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to Sean Zacher, Donovan’s Daddy, for trimming the branches on the trees on PEP’s playground and Jessica Jackson, Parker’s Mommy, for helping us with children’s photos on PEP’s Picture Day.

Celebrating the Christmas season is always special… Park’s Edge Preschool has an All-Center Christmas Party for all families. All the families, include siblings and grandparents too, are welcome to come and celebrate with us on Thursday, December 6thfrom 6:30-8 pm.

This annual holiday event is like the Park’s Edge Preschool’s Open House featuring Christmas holiday activities in every classroom and a special visitor…Santa Claus…and cookies and milk ‘rounds’ out the evening.Jesus’ Birthday Celebration at PEP! It’s the time of year for giving and receiving at Park’s Edge Preschool, so gift yourself and join us for a festive celebration of Jesus’ birth.Park’s Edge Preschool’s children celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Pastor Bill will share a Christmas story too. All are invited into Emanuel Church’s beautifully decorated Sanctuary for the program.Birthday cake and ice cream will be served in Kurth Hall afterwards. Jesus’ birthday presents…gift wrapped box fornon-perishable food items will be at the entrance doors.Donated food will be taken to the Hunger Task Force. All family members, including siblings and grandparents too, are invited to our annual tradition celebrating Jesus’ Birthday on Thursday, December 13thfrom 4:15-5:15 pm. Come celebrate Jesus and the rea- son for the season at Park’s Edge Preschool…Cherish the Christmas season and make new memories with your loved ones!

Merry Christmas!